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Product ID: DS-110
Size: 13" H x 2.63" W
Attractive eyewear display with J-style shelves and center nosepiece rests that allow frames to be displayed in a closed position. This frosted acrylic display comes in three colors and holds 4, 5, or 6 pairs of eyewear.

Product ID: MN-510
Size: 4.25" H x 6" L x 6" W, 20.5" Head Size
A half face display head bust with ears that is perfect for displaying all kinds of eye wear. The heads can be stacked on top of each other. Price is for one bust.

A discounted Less Then Perfect version is also available here.

Product ID: AF-C1480
Size: 16" Height
Product ID: AF-C1493
Size: 9" Height
Product ID: AF-C1491
Size: 3" Height
Product ID: AF-C1492
Size: 6" Height
Product ID: AF-C1484
Size: 18" Height
Product ID: AF-C751
Size: 16" Height