Discount Mannequins

While high-fashion stores and museums may want perfectly lifelike mannequins, there are many uses for mannequins for which a discount product would be appropriate. At, we serve a wide variety of clients, ranging from fashion-design students to law enforcement agencies. The latter, for example, often needs human figures to use for training in techniques.

Life-size mannequins, available at discount rates, are a perfect solution for law enforcement agencies. They may also be ideal for clients in the film industry. When prop rooms need mannequins to store and display costume pieces, wigs, and props, there is no need for the mannequins to be anything more than durable and perfectly sized.

Discount Mannequins, Imported Wholesale

Rather than paying full price for your mannequins, you can purchase them from us at We purchase all of our products from overseas manufacturers and import them ourselves. Since we don't have to pay an importer, we're able to offer all of our customers a significant discount in comparison to other suppliers of mannequins.

Our discount mannequins are constructed from durable fiberglass, ensuring that they'll last you for many years to come. While we offer substantially reduced prices on our discount mannequins, some have been professionally detailed with makeup and eyelashes. All costs are listed clearly on our website and we don't charge handling or packing fees! You'll know exactly how much your order will cost--and how much of a discount you're getting!