Female Mannequins

There are many ways you can display the apparel and accessories you have designed. Sales, however, are dramatically altered by the effectiveness of your displays. Where you put a display, its tone and style, and whether you strike the right balance of showcasing products, without creating visual chaos, can all determine which items you sell and how many of them you move.

Mannequins, of course, are one of the quintessential and traditional methods of creating a display. By choosing mannequins in different positions, you can show how the clothing will appear during daily activities. You can find female mannequins posed ideally for couture, as well as for athletic apparel, business suits, and swimwear.

A Large Selection of Wholesale Female Mannequins

At DisplayImporter.com, we offer one of the largest selections of male and female mannequins that you'll find anywhere. We import our mannequins directly from the overseas manufacturers, rather than relying on an importing company. Without a middleman to pay, we're able to pass on significant savings to our valued customers.

In addition to standard female mannequins, we also have pregnant female and child mannequins. Whether you run a boutique aimed at chic women with an urban sense of fashion or are designing custom orders, we have mannequins you can use in your store, display windows, or studio. Our website is updated regularly as our inventory changes, so you'll know exactly what we have in stock at any time, and you can plan your order accordingly. Save on the right mannequins with us at DisplayImporter.com!