Headless Mannequins

Mannequins provide you with a human form that you can use to decorate your store or window displays. If you're concerned that the face of many mannequins may impose a character on them that actually alienates some potential customers, headless mannequins free you of this limitation. You'll have complete control over the appearance of the headless mannequins, as your products will completely define their styles.

If you are in the visual arts or trying to create an innovate display, headless mannequins offer considerable flexibility. The face is the first thing that many people will see, and you can choose whatever image you want for the face of a headless mannequin. You can place a piece of art or even a flowerpot atop the neck of a headless mannequin.

Use Video Players on Headless Mannequins

You can also use video monitors in place of actual heads on mannequins. Whether you're showing a video montage or multiple still shots, this can add a new dimension to your displays. At DisplayImporter.com, you'll find a large selection of headless mannequins, from the simplest and most innocuous to those that make bold, modern statements.

We carry full-size male and female headless mannequins, as well as headless pregnant mannequins. Many of the limbs can be rotated or removed, letting you craft realistic or abstract displays. With wholesale prices, our mannequins are more affordable than those you'll find at other store, and they never carry hidden costs. Make your displays live with mannequins from us at DisplayImporter.com!