Jersey Form

The success of the reality TV program Project Runway has propelled fashion designers into the spotlight. For special occasions, rather than heading to large chain stores, customers may seek out one-of-a-kind outfits that are designed specifically for them. Whether you have your own fashion line or design specific garments like wedding dresses, you need the best supplies to help you capitalize on the growing trends for custom designer apparel.

A jersey form is likely to be one of the key supplies in your operation. Unlike a mannequin, a jersey form gives you the ability to pin fabric and garments to the form. At, we have many types of jersey forms, from adult men's and women's sizes to children's sizes.

Get a Jersey Form with or without Arms

Many of the jersey form pieces we carry are of the upper torso. Some of our jersey form pieces include flexible arms, which can be rotated or detached if they are not needed. Most of our jersey form pieces are placed on adjustable metal stands, so you can raise or lower them to work at the height at which you are most comfortable.

In addition to jersey form pieces, we have a large selection of mannequins on which you can display your finished work. If you also design accessories to complement your apparel, we have other types of displays, such as mannequin parts and torso and head sculptures, that you can use for accessories like necklaces and handbags. With our efficient distribution system, we're able to offer all of our products at low, wholesale prices.