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Ladies French Dress Form with Natural Wood Tripod Base

Product ID: AFD-066A
Size: Adjustable 63"-82" Tall
34" Chest, 26" Waist, 35" Hip

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  • Includes a Fairmont wood neck block and a Balatar tripod base.
  • Cloth covered with a padded foam surface. Can be pinned across the fabric.
  • Has an adjustable height.
  • Pole can be inserted straight in.

  • Each dress form set is packed in its own box. This item will be shipped separately from other items.

    These dress forms are available in 3 different types of bases. All dress forms in this series include:

    AFD-064 Series: Petite Ladies French Dress Form

    AFD-064A Tripod Base

    AFD-064B Caster Base

    AFD-064C Round Base

    AFD-065 Series: Ladies French Dress Form

    AFD-065A Tripod Base

    AFD-065B Caster Base

    AFD-065C Round Base

    AFD-066 Series: Ladies French Dress Form

    AFD-066A Tripod Base

    AFD-066B Caster Base

    AFD-066C Round Base

    AFD-067 Series: Men's French Dress Form

    AFD-067A Tripod Base

    AFD-067B Caster Base

    AFD-067C Round Base

    AFD-068 Series: Children's French Dress Form

    AFD-068A Tripod Base

    AFD-068B Caster Base

    AFD-068C Round Base