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Zelda - Full Size Ladies Model black_abaca_fiber brown_abaca_fiber black_abaca_twine bacbac paper_twine

Zelda - Full Size Ladies Model

Product ID: AFE-10029
Size: 64" H x 14" W x 9" D, 33" Bust, 24.5" Waist, 33" Hip

Item Not Available, Discontinued Item


Zelda is full of grace and will make any piece of apparel an exquisite piece. Zelda is lightweight, yet full size. Zelda is headless and armless. Handcrafted with a paper mache core and various finishes, Zelda will make everyone stop at your window and stare at your display. She is great for all kinds of dresses and skirts. She is best pair with accessories such as scarves, hats, and jewelry.

  • Earth friendly paper mache made from recycled paper, glued with rice paste, and corded with paper twine, fibers, fine ropes or luminescent shells.
  • Handcrafted by skilled artisans. Each piece is uniquely made.
  • Color and pattern may vary due to the natural properties of raw materials. Not all color or pattern may be available for each style of display.
  • Jewelry and accessories shown are not included.

  • Material Samples and Description

    abaca fiber (black, brown)

    Comes from the stalks of the abaca plant (manila hemp), native to the Philippines, where due to its strength, lightness, and water resiliency, it is believed to be the strongest natural fiber in the world.

    abaca twine (black, bleached, brown)

    Like the abaca fiber, it comes from the stalks of the abaca plant (manili hemp), after which the extracted fiber is weaved into twine.


    Comes from the soft strips of bark from the trunk of the abaca plant. With a rougher finish, it is also known as the havana hemp or havana skin.


    Comes from the fiber of the lampakanay (cattail), an aquatic perennial herb.

    paper twine

    From recycled paper made into twine.

    capiz (white, smoked)

    Capiz shells are marine mollusks common in the Philippine coastal waters and is characterized by the large thin and flat translucent shell. The shells are white outside and pearly inside and are believed to be stronger than plate glass.