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Set of Four Fleshtone Baby Mannequins

Set of Four Fleshtone Baby Mannequins

Product ID: MN-035
Size: A: 24" H, 17.5" Chest, 18" Waist, 18" Hip

B: 23" H, 18.5" Chest, 18.5" Waist, 19" Hip

C: 29" H, 18.5" Chest, 18.5" Waist, 19.5 Hip

D: 19" H, 18" Chest, 20" Waist, 20" Hip

18.25" Head Size

Sold Out Item
Price: $279.96

Set of four flesh color baby mannequin with detachable arms. It is easy to set up and dress. They are made of fiber glass and are very durable. Set has a value of $320!!

Mannequins are packaged one set per box. This item will be shipped separately from other items.