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Muscle Bodybuilder Mannequin in Tone & Flex Pose black fleshtone white

Muscle Bodybuilder Mannequin in Tone & Flex Pose

Product ID: MN-180
Size: Tall 6'2", Neck 18", Shoulder 20", Chest 49", Waist 36", Hip 41", Bicep 17", Thigh 25"

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    We have 1 pc available in fleshtone, where there's a scrape on the left buttock cheek. Sold discounted. It's in an area that is normally covered by clothing. Please email in for details and pricing on that particular one.**

    A very muscularly toned mannequin posed in a common bodybuilding competition stance.
  • Has base fittings in both his sole of foot or his lower calf so that shoes can be displayed
  • Detachable arms, hands, left leg and upper body.
  • It is easy to set up and dress.
  • He is made of fiber glass and is very durable.

  • Mannequins are packaged one set per box. This item will be shipped separately from other items.