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Plastic Male Full Size Mannequin with Removable Abstract Head

Product ID: MN-245
Size: 6' 2" Tall
38.25" Chest, 27.25" Waist, 35" Hip
Feet 10.25" L, Inseam 32", Neck 15.25", Shoulder 15.25"
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No Wig
  [+ $0.00]
WG-011 Blond College Cut David Wig

  [+$13.99 $11.19]
WG-013 Dipped Bowl Cut Tommy Wig

  [+$13.99 $11.19]
WG-016 Blond Wedge Cut Richard Wig

  [+$13.99 $11.19]
WG-017 Unisex Black Afro Style Wig

  [+$16.99 $13.59]
WG-025 Dark Wedge Cut Richard Wig

  [+$13.99 $11.19]
WG-047 Punk Rock Jacob Wig

  [+$23.99 $19.19]
WG-051 Dark College Cut David Wig

  [+$13.99 $11.19]
WG-060 Unisex Blond Afro Style Wig

  [+$16.99 $13.59]

Plastic full size abstract male mannequin is durable and long lasting. Perfect for trade shows where you need to constantly setup, breakdown and move the mannequin around.

  • Wig is not included. Check out our wig selections!
  • Includes a glass base.
  • Head is removable and can swivel from side to side.
  • Has base fittings in calf of leg.
  • With detachable arms, hands, left leg, and upper body.
  • It is easy to set up and dress.

  • Each mannequin/dress form set is packed in its own box. This item will be shipped separately from other items.