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Plastic Half Body Male Upper Torso Countertop Form with Removable Head fleshtone white

Plastic Half Body Male Upper Torso Countertop Form with Removable Head

Product ID: MN-247
Size: Adjustable from 3' 6.5" to 4' 7.5"
36.5" Chest, 27" Waist, 34" Hip
15" Neck, 15" Shoulder
32" Height from Top of Head to Bottom of Waist

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Round half body male torso form with arms and head. Comes with glass base and rod for countertop displays. Arms are removable at the shoulder seam and hands are detachable at the wrist for easy dressing of clothes and garments. Perfect for trade shows where you need to constantly setup, breakdown and move the mannequin around. Head is removable and can swivel from side to side. Adjustable height. This is a countertop form with a short pole, best used on display tables. Please take care not to over tighten the pole onto the base or you risk cracking the glass base.

Also check out the matching female round body form.

Each mannequin/dress form set is packed in its own box. This item will be shipped separately from other items.