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Deluxe Female 3/4 Upper Torso Hanging Mannequin

Product ID: MN-265
Size: 33" Tall (excluding hanger) x 15.75" Wide x 4" Depth
4.75" Metal Hanger Lenth
Approx size 4-6

Unit Price: $28.99

Qty: - +

Customer Images:

  • Durable female upper body hanging mannequin with metal wall loop. Back side is flat so it can lie flat against a wall. Made of heavy duty thick durable plastic - item weighs 9 lbs!

    This is an injection mold hanging form with a flat back, Because there is no back side to this form, the chest, waist, hip and clothing sizes provided are approximate measurements.

    Please take note that even though this is a light weight item, it is still an over-sized item and will be charged by its dimensional weight by the shipping carrier.