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Plastic Female Lower Torso (Hip) Hanging Form with Metal Hook

Product ID: MN-280
Size: 14.25" H x 11.5" W
Approximately 26-27" Waist, 32-34" Hip

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Plastic female lower torso hanging form comes with a metal swivel hook. Form displays the front side of the hip, great for displaying panties, bikini bottoms, and lingerie.

This is an injection mold hanging form with a hollow back. It is a space saver when storing or transporting as it can be stacked one on top of another (like a cake mold). Because there is no back side to this form, the chest, waist, hip and clothing sizes provided are approximate measurements.

Example of backside.

Please take note that even though this is a light weight item, it is still an over-sized item and will be charged by its dimensional weight by the shipping carrier. Therefore, shipping 1-3 pieces may have a shipping rate that is more than the item itself depending on ship to location. It is more economical to order multiple quantities of this form for an effective shipping rate.