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Product ID: MN-HandsM-LTP
Size: 8" to 9" L (Measured from the back of hand, along the curve from fingertip to end of the wrist)

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  • These are new mannequins hands in less than perfect condition. They are not structurally damaged but do have imperfect paint jobs including but not limited to smudge marks, paint chips, paint air bubbles, and/or scratch marks on them.

    Sold as-is and is final sale. This item can not be returned.

    These are a surplus of male mannequin left and right hands. They come in assorted poses, styles, and finishes.

    Connector type is keyhole type where you insert and twist.

    Hand sizes can be subjective to each person, e.g.: some people have small hands and will deem these hands the right size while some people have very large hands and will deem the hand small relative to their own hand's size. Hand is 8" to 9" L (Measured from the back of hand, along the curve from fingertip to end of the wrist). The item itself not accounting for the curve is approximately 7.5-8.5" L.

    We are able to ship small and lightweight items within the U.S. using USPS Priority Mail where shipping rates start at $6-8 for packages under 1 lb and $7-$13 for packages under 2 lbs.

    At checkout, this lower rate may not be reflected but if your order qualifies, we will apply the lower USPS rate when processing your order.